Nitro Pro 8.5 PDF Review


Nitro PDF is an excellent choice as an online and an offline document reader for those people who do not like to use Adobe’s overstuffed PDF (Portable Document Format) file reader. Developed by Australian programmers, this program allows its users to create, edit, and open PDFs. Also, it has two updated versions available on the online market today – the free version 3.5 and the pro version 8.5.

Recent Program Update

With this year’s update, the developers added the capability to open XML Forms Architecture (XFA) files in the free version. On the other hand, the pro version received an update that will let it convert documents to PowerPoint format. Aside from these updates, both versions were given the usual performance upgrades and fixes.

Why Get the Free Version

Unlike other free readers that can be downloaded online, Nitro PDF 3.5 has handy tools and functions. One of those features is the capability to store signatures, and place them in the documents automatically.

Why Get the Pro Version

Users who are getting disappointed with other full-blown PDF readers and editors, the pro version of Nitro PDF is an excellent choice. Moreover, it is more secure than the popular Adobe Reader, which has a newly discovered security flaw. And besides, most of the utilities and functions he can find on his old program as well as other applications that serve the same purpose are all in this software.


Some of the pro version’s functions are below.

  • Combine other files of different formats with a PDF
  • Simple and useful text editing tools
  • An internal image editor
  • Wide range file format conversion and exportation
  • Scan to PDF function
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function that allows conversion of texts in images into editable content
  • 256-encryption for file security
  • Modify permissions to users who can read, edit, and copy the content of a file
  • Malicious JavaScript protection

Popularity and User Demographic

As of now, this program is widely used in the business sector. And almost half of the Fortune 100 companies trust and use this program as their primary document reader, editor, and creator. A few of those companies are Pfizer, Nike, Pepsi Co., Oracle, IBM, and Dell.


Aside from its functionalities, more than 300,000 customers of this program chose it because of its price. Compared to the standard Acrobat, Nitro PDF is 66% cheaper – it costs $119.99, and it is cheaper by more than $180. Furthermore, its updates are very economical. Every update costs $49.99 while its main competitor charges $139.

Saving Money with Coupon Codes

To make it cheaper, people who want to buy this application can look for discount coupon codes on the internet. These codes can give a user a discount that ranges around 15% to 30%. Using those coupons can let one save $20 up to $35.

Many other benefits were not mentioned in this article, and one will appreciate them when he gets the program. To know how useful this application is, one can try the free version first. In case the program satisfies his needs, he can look for some discount coupons online, and then buy the pro version of the program.

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